Our Story.

Hello! Thanks for your interest in Sunne Cleantech Lab. This is our story.

Back in 2007, while my wife, Sheilla, and I were completing our doctorate degrees in Mechanical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York, we got introduced to renewable energy. After spending over four years doing research on improving the aerodynamics of wind turbines and wind farms, we fell in love with clean energy and were passionate about seeing more of it out in the world. And so we started looking for interesting clean energy products to bring to market. In one of our visits to Puerto Rico, while drinking coffee in the morning and looking at rooftops from a 11th floor, I spotted a traditional solar water heater. It looked antiquated and scrappy, almost like a science fair project. Yet, I knew that these were products that saved in home energy and that people have been buying them for decades. I wondered why were these products are so outdated and do not conform to today’s design and manufacturing standards. And, so, the journey began…

 After we graduated in 2011, we started working on aerodynamic design for one of the largest aircraft engine manufacturers in Connecticut. There, we were exposed to cutting-edge technologies and processes. At the same time we spent 3 years building prototypes in our apartment's living room and testing them at public parks. In 2014, we finally found the design that became SUNNE® HEATER. Also in 2014, we founded Sunne Labs Corporation, later doing business as Sunne Cleantech Lab.

 Since then, we have been working on optimizing the design for manufacturing and performance while developing our brand and getting the product certified. Moreover, numerous hours have been spent on business courses, training, and business accelerators, to make up for the fact that we are engineers by training.

Certainly, it has been a long and uphill road but, today, we are proud to offer you a product of the highest quality, invented and designed by us, with all our passion, experience and dedication. We truly hope that you enjoy your SUNNE® HEATER!


Yours truly,

José Lebrón, Ph.D. and Sheilla Torres-Nieves, Ph.D.

Founders of Sunne Cleantech Lab