Residential SUNNE® Heater


Residential SUNNE® Heater Indirect Integral Collector Storage (I-ICS) solar water heater with 22 gallon heat storage capacity.

Quick Features:
  • SRCC Certified (ISO-9806)
  • Mounting hardware for flat or inclined roofs included.
  • Simple DIY installation.
  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Save 26% (about $1456 for an installed 2 module system!) by filling Tax Form 5695.
FREE SHIPPING. Ships in 4 weeks.
Quick Specs:
  • Materials: T6 Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Tempered (hardened) glass.
  • Width: 36.6 inch
  • Height: 46.8 inch
  • Depth: 5.2 inch
  • Weight: 50 lbs
Product Overview
The Residential SUNNE® Heater is a solar water heater specially designed for modern residences. Its advanced design combines the heat storage tank and collector into a single piece. This makes the product easier to install, more discrete-looking on your roof. Also, SUNNE's Sediment Free Feature, keeps the tank clean for better performance and durability and ease of use.
High Heat Absorptivity: SOLKOTE HI/SORB-II high absorptivity coating absorbs 94% of the solar heat. The high transmissivity tempered glass is smooth so the rain can keep it clean.
High Heat Retention: Its compact design keeps the thermal mass (water) highly concentrated limiting heat loss. SOLKOTE HI/SORB-II low emissivity coating limits heat loss from the heater to the surroundings. Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) R-5 insulation is used to keep tank hot.
High durability: SUNNE® HOME will not accumulate sediment. This is because of its indirect configuration in which house water flows through an internal heat exchanger through which heat, not mass, is transferred through the walls of the heat exchanger into the house water as it flows through the exchanger. The heat exchanger is 98% efficient. Made with aircraft grade T6 aluminum which has high corrosion resistance.
Easy Installation: The four legs (included) allow for fast installation. It only has 4 anchoring points.
High Wind Resistance: When properly anchored, it can resist winds of 200+ mph.
10 year limited warranty.
Get federal income tax deduction (U.S. only): Deduct 26% of the installed cost by filling Tax Form 5695.

SRCC OG-100 certified.


    Dimensions: Width: 36.6 inch, Height: 46.8 inch, Depth: 5.2 inch
    Weight: 50 lbs
    Heating Capacity: 60 gallons @ 100 F (when tank is at 160°F and ground water is at 77°F)
    Operating Pressure: 80 psi
    Connections: 1/2 inch Male NPT
    Required anchoring: Four 1/4 inch expansions
    Electric (backup heating element): 110 V 15A 1500 W
    Estimated Yearly Energy Savings: $373 (@ 30 ¢/kWh)


      • Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual: here.
      • Limited Warranty: To be posted soon.